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Photo booth brand activation for grand opening, anniversary sale & event sponsorship

Add more fun to your event and increase your email capture rate

Immediate access. No email required.


100+ events captured

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Literally.... Marketers' best friend!

1 photo booth

Logo & Promo Message

on Photo Template

Physical print. Guests share it on social media or stick it on their fridge! Fully branded** to Client's brand.

 Logo display

✔ Promo message or Coupon

2 photo booth

Email Collection
(CASL Compliant*)

Guests received a digital copy of their photo via email, in addition to the physical print!

 Branded email template

✔ Short promo message

 CTA to Shop / Website

3 photo booth


Client owns all emails collected. We provide the Client with the list of emails collected for remarketing!


*Our email capture (express consent) and sending process are compliant with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). We are CASL compliant up to the point where the email list is shared with the Client. Once shared, it becomes the Client's responsibility to remarket compliantly, and if needed, seek its own legal opinion. All emails collected are the Client's asset, and we do not remarket to them.

**We are required by CASL to disclose our name in certain area, which are immaterial to your branding campaign.

Classic DSLR Photo Booth

White label solution. Fully branded to Client's brand


Email capture process that is compliant with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

We Serve

  • Manitoba: Winnipeg & surrounding

  • Ontario: Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Kitchener, London, Niagara Region, & surrounding

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DSLR photo booth
Photo Booth

Popular events with lasting impact

Grand Opening & Anniversary Sale

Hate to see someone come in and leave empty handed. Even if they don't make a purchase, they get a photo of them, with your logo! You also captured their emails!

Community Event Sponsor

Our complementary (paid by sponsor) photos with physical print will sure to attract a non-stop long lineup! They get a photo of them, with your logo, and you captured their email!

Gala Dinner & Graduation Sponsor

Having your logo on physical print copies have a lasting impact beyond the event! Guests either stick it on their fridge or have it in their office and interact with your logo on a daily basis! 

Let's start planning for your event!

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